Friday, May 8, 2015

Preventive detention for my birthday

Happy birthday in Singapore!!
Dengue fever alert in my building!!!
A couple of days ago, we received a visit from a Health Department agent for a thorough check of all the water points in our building for someone in the condo had contracted the dengue fever.
Singapore in really active on Dengue prevention and reaction when a case is discovered. Meaning, they quickly dispatch someone over for review and information.
Having a tiny one at home, I was encouraged to restrain from going outside as babies this young are so sensitive and I gladly did so! I'll do anything for my peanut! 

So celebrating my birthday,this year, in Singapore, meant dealing with a little more tiredness and tears as my little one loves his bi-daily walks in the neighborhood and also, staying home for my birthday, no special dinner nor lunch with the girls. But in compensation, I had the most precious cell mate for my lock-up! 
Big up for you my peanut! You brought even more light to my already happy day! 

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