Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Good morning and good day!

This really bothers me! 

How can we consider ourselves living in a civilized world if a basic 'good morning' to our neighbors and colleagues is unimaginable?

I was just a little girl when, one day, in a walk with my dad, I asked him why he had said 'hello' to that one neighbor we had. I know, I know, sad question. But in my defense, she really was a bad neighbor and a nasty person. Oh well... And my dad quietly lectured me on how it was polite to do so to everyone, it showed good manners and proper education; and even if the lady wasn't very nice, everyone is entitled to a 'good morning'!
Lesson learned dad! Now, I am totally shocked when this basic principle is ignored. And in Singapore, this basic simple is just non-existent! 

We luckily live in a nice condo where a mix of expats and locals live in a nice community and believe me or not, the only neighbors replying to my 'good morning' are european. It saddens me, I feel like I'm rejecting a group of people saying that, but that's the reality! Here, the only non-european people who will smile and have a kind word for us are the cleaning lady, the pool boy, the security guard, the sitter or the helper. Isn't it sad?

Zowjee asked his coworkers once and they acknowledged that fact and when asked why, they simply replied - and I quote: "it's not natural." So, let me see if I get the story straight: wishing someone a pleasant day isn't natural?! So, rudeness is? Natural? This is just even more unacceptable for me! This is something I'll carry forever as being a Singaporean attitude and not in a good way!

But! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of nice people in Singapore too! What I came to realize is that, maybe - and this is just my two-cent-worth opinion - they are shy and scared of invading other people's lives, because when you deal with someone professionally or in a regular basis, Singaporeans are very nice people! And they even smile!
What I guess I am here to say is: People! 'Good morning', 'good evening', 'hello' and 'good day' are not invasive at all! So please, use them! You will never over-use them!

Good day to you.

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