Wednesday, September 23, 2015

to forgive and be forgiven

Today is yom kippur. 

I am not religious though. I am even what we call an atheist, I don't believe in religion, not in the mainstream ones anyway. But I believe. I believe in Humanity. Yes, I know. Still. I believe in people. I believe that there is good and bad. That good people do bad things sometimes and that it doesn't make them bad people. (being that those bad things are not very bad things). I believe in second chances. I believe in happiness. I believe in humility and forgiveness.

Today is yom kippur and although I am not a Jew, I like the idea of taking the time to reflect and forgive those who have wronged us and hopefully be forgiven of the times we've wronged others.

Today, I choose to forgive, clean my plate and move forward. So I forgive you who have ruined a few years of my life. And I forgive you who made me feel bad about myself. I also forgive you for not being the best of friends sometimes. I forgive you who hurt my feelings sometimes. 
And you, will you forgive me for my quick temper sometimes? For those times when I go ballistic and blow a fuse? What about those times when I was cranky, will you forgive me about those too?

Tomorrow will be a new day with a clear board. I sure hope I'll be able to keep it uncluttered for as long as I can.

Tomorrow is a new day.

#YomKippur #ToForgiveAndBeForgiven

If you wish to read some more on Yom Kippur, I suggest you read the Yom Kippur guide for the perplexed:

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