Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Proving wrong!

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess and her prince went to wonderful Bali in Indonesia. They were madly in love and, together, they shared the princess' first time. And that's when all went south! The prince was actually a jerk and he left the island and the princess the very next day. The princess was so hurt and ashamed that she threw a curse on the island and from that day on, all unmarried couples visiting Bali would break up within six months.

Oh well

Do I believe in curses? 
Nay! I like hearing about them though, trying to understand them and why not, bust them!

This is clearly about pre-marital sex and was probably invented by a super creative mom a long time ago. And how successful was this mommy! Planning a holiday, I came across an article written on the matter and I got intrigued and googled a bit on the famous Bali curse. I couldn't believe it but there are actually hundreds of hits on the subject! And best of all, there even are articles with tips on how to enjoy Bali and not end up breaking your relationship up. Funny stuff, really!

I went to Bali with my boyfriend. I then left Bali with my fiancé. And today, 15 months later, we're happier than ever! 
Busted! Funny story still! 

I highly recommend visiting Bali, it is just amazing!

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