Friday, April 24, 2015

Mommy! I'm hungry!

I've been a mother for 8 wonderfully challenging weeks. Yes, that's right, happiness is not an easily achieved thing, especially when we are talking about motherhood and children. I was used to control my life and have had to accept chaos and still, in my heart, I am over-the-moon happy to be a mom.
I know I have still so much to live and learn as a parent (as a human being as well but one thing at a time) but I have already experienced sooooo much! 
I came across this picture and article on facebook, this precious source of information and it seems it's been a huge buzz. 
I'll admit it: I am still unexperienced in the matter, but for some reason I can totally relate to what's shown here. Could it be because when my-most-precious cries his lungs out, I could do anything just to bring him some peace? Yes. Could it be because even though I wish I could be there for him every second of the day, sometimes it is just not possible and it hurts that I have to accept that? Yes. Could it be because the moment I knew he was growing inside of me I knew I would do anything for him? Yes. And I am sure there are many more reasons that I am not aware of still.
This picture is not shocking at all to me, what about you? Are you shocked? 


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