Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Speak Up!

As a child, I was so shy, I could easily hear all the adults’ conversations around me without anyone even noticing me. Later, a teenager, I could hardly make friends so afraid that I was of even opening my mouth to say something silly and shame myself. As a young woman, I so awkwardly spoke; I wasn’t always with the right crowd.
But I always had to “speak” my mind, so I wrote, on a diary, at the beginning until my mom found it and (wait for it) judged me and punished me for my private thoughts. This was the end of it! Lucky for me, my father bought me a computer, I was barely 10, but it was what saved me: slowly but surely, I learned how to write my thoughts and save them on a disk protected with a password. Necessity is the mother of inventions right?!
A few months ago, I found my old “thoughts” and it was (sadly) weird to find out that, sometimes, there is still a little and scared girl in me.
Time passing by, I started to build some kind of personae and I started this blog but until a few days ago, I would never openly speak about it or even mention it. For a whole year, it was mine and mine only, and slowly I started to share a few of my things with a couple of friends of mine. But now, I think I am ready, today, I go “public”.

I understand all about the shyness and fright of speaking up, and appreciate your kind words which mean so much to me; which is why I adjusted my posts so anyone can just bullet rank them until you’re up to, publicly, speak up too! 

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