Friday, March 14, 2014

a picture like scene

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I was just walking on the surroundings of my new home, in this beautiful park. It was so pleasant to pass by people on their bikes, others running and some, like me, just walking and enjoying the agreeable end of afternoon. I was walking and enjoying myself, thinking of my home town and how that park remembered me of it and how it was going to be wonderful to live just here when I just saw the most amazing picture like scene: a man in his thirties was running slowly, as much as needed for his young daughter, maybe 6 years old, to accompany him, while they were reciting the alphabet. This was such a nice image, father and daughter sharing what I call a very high quality time. I kept walking, smiling at them and them at me just thinking how dreamy their life was to me and then I realized that the picture wasn’t complete though as the little girl’s pregnant mommy was on their track, just a little behind them, gingerly walking.
I am now only thinking of it, but this scene keeps making me smile and feel the nicest warmth in me.

This is how life should be!

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