Friday, June 5, 2015

The red umbrella

A few days ago, I don't know what I was thinking - or obviously, not thinking - I made the rookie mistake of going out without my umbrella. 

Kid in the baby carrier, bib in the pocket, keys in one hand and phone in the other. I had everything! Except for the umbrella. But well, it was ok! After all, I was only supposed to be out for a few minutes and those clouds were so far away! Or were they?

I wasn't farther than 300 meters from home when it started raining. Not a light rain. The real deal! The real tropical, drops like cherries, rain!

At this moment, I just looked at my son and sadly "covered" him with my hands. Yes, my two huge 10 cm hands! And I started running back home. Run? Well! Have you ever tried running with your baby on your belly (thank you baby carrier), your tiny hands covering him as much as it is possible, shoes soaked and almost no visibility at all? Well, let's just say it's hell on earth!

And in all this darkness, I started believing again! We were saved by the xerox lady and her red umbrella! 

At only 50 meters from our condo, a lady stopped her car in the middle of traffic, got off and came to me with this brand new, still in the plastic bag, red xerox branded umbrella and quickly returned to her car never to be seen again.

At this point, it could have just been a shopping plastic bag that it would have meant everything, just because it made it possible for me to protect my child.

I am so thankful!

That day, just like that, I regained faith in mankind! Faith in the people of Singapore. Faith in the men and women of our world. And even faith in Xerox!

Thank you xerox lady, you made my day!

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