Wednesday, April 30, 2014

podcasting equals sharing

Being abroad can give us this odd feeling of getting more and more apart from our family and friends. Different surroundings, different feel, which is pretty normal I guess but nevertheless painful sometimes.
A few years ago we found out about podcasts and it has been a pleasant ride ever since. We started with some of our favorite radio shows and widen our spectrum of audio and video “magazines” sharing with one another our discoveries.
When we go back home(s), everyday jokes don’t just fly by us anymore and we actually can laugh and discuss with our loved ones, society, economic and political issues that are in the air. And this way, we no longer feel that much “away”.
Him in his commute, me in my shopping trips, both in our own time listen to the news from home and laugh and come home to discuss the interesting things we’ve learnt around our dinner.
We’re in the subway, our earplugs on and smiling and laughing; and the bonus is that people around us end up smiling too (even if it’s at us!).
It feels so good to share a laugh.

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