Saturday, January 25, 2014

gay/lesbian/straight, a family concept

Every gay couple adopted child was
created and abandoned by a straight one.

In the past few weeks, Portugal’s been shaken by lots of chattering and all around co-adoption and I wonder why this matter is so controversial: why is adoption by two gay people or two lesbian women such a conflict in people’s minds, shouldn't we discuss the whole concept of family instead? In my opinion, we are mixing things up, what makes a family a family? I would dare think that a family grows around love, understanding and respect, and even the will to pass on one’s experience, knowledge, wisdom and traditions. I don’t understand where sex or genetics influence anything in these concepts. Can I ask someone smarter to explain to me why a mommy and a daddy raise a better child than two mommies or two daddies? Come on people! Focus on what matters! Open your minds!

I’d like to share a drawing from Bruno Gaspar (, author of Pela Estrada fora ( For me, we should be keeping an eye on him, he seems to share a pretty interesting spirit.

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