Saturday, August 10, 2013

Leiria, cidade do meu coração

"And you, what do you do on Wednesday nights?"
I barely set foot in my beautiful town again and I hear about something fabulous happening: the whole city set a time and place to meet every week; motivating one another, people from everywhere gather and take a step forward to a healthier, happier and freer way of life! Every Wednesday, at 9.00 pm, people gather at Praça Rodrigues Lobo for a 30 minute work-out followed by an hour walk or run, around our lovely city, followed by a 30 minutes stretching session, and everyone goes home with the promise of a new appointment for the following week.

Congratulations to the handful of people who started this and invited everyone to walk and run along!

Congratulations to my fellow citizen who dared to accept the invite!

Congratulations to everyone to be, somehow, part of this movement I am proud of.

This is the kind of idea I consider worth spreading!

Will I see you there next week?

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