Monday, January 28, 2013

na hora exacta

Obrigada Ana.

I’d like to lodge a complaint… with a relevant authority
With each other’s where we ought to be, Cathy
I’m gonna right to the Times, sign it desperate at “Dolphin’s Barn”
Shouldn’t we be in each other’s arms, Cathy?
Cathy, it’s at times like these I wish I wrote like you,
You seem to bend your words to suit your needs,
You melt my heart with your imagery, but I don’t know
How to say it better, than darling since I met you
I haven’t been the same
And I don’t know, all the whys and wherefores
But you’re the one I care for and that will never change Cathy
Oh to be with you tonight, smoke a jay and drink a g and t,
Do whatever’s coming naturally, Cathy
Turn the sheets into sails
Turn the bed into a golden ship
Floating slowly down the Mississippi, Cathy.. Cathy
Cathy can you help me please, you put these things more poetically than me
I’ve sang of how love feels but it’s much harder when it’s all real
And I don’t know
How to make it clearer, than honey when I’m near you
It’s like I’m in a dream, and I don’t know… stormy weather
Just to be together is good enough for me.. Cathy… Cathy.. Cathy

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