Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Loving to cook. Cooking with love.

                                                           Perfect for an evening light and healthy dinner!

In a pan, I fried a small onion finely sliced together with a julienne cut carrot, a small broccoli and a julienne of a tiny green capsicum. From time to time, I would give it a gentle swirl.
After a few minutes, I added a few frozen shrimps, just because it's so good ;)
Salt, black pepper and a bit of the famous Portuguese piri-piri powder just made everything smell like heaven.
In the meantime, I sliced two tomatoes, two big Portobello and six small regular mushrooms (Champignons de Paris) and I tossed them in the pan all together. It looked so beautiful with all the colors and smells; it looked perfect!
On a different small pan, I made a simple two-egg-omelet just with a pinch of salt. I diced it in small pieces as well as a mozzarella ball and added it to the veggie pan, just for a couple of minutes.
Before I served it, I added finely cut fresh parsley and that was it!                                          It was just fantastic!
Do you want to know about the special secret ingredient?
You, tell me! 

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