Saturday, November 12, 2011

3 little words

There are several ways to show people how much we love them depending on who we are and on what we wish to build with the other person. But love is a two-way-road and sometimes our way of showing may not be enough. Feeling loved is so breath taking, but giving it may be as much rewarding.

Spending time with the special people in our lives is one way of showing them how we feel about them; to be with these special people when they fear, when they smile, when they cry and when they hurt is so special, but we should never think less of the power of words.

We should never assume people know how much they mean to us. We should be sure they know it and feel it in their souls. What does it take to say those 3 magical words? It may take 2 seconds and a short breath; maybe. Is it much compared to what we get in return: a glowing smile, a deep gaze, a wise murmur or even a 2-seconds-and-a-short-breath of love back?

Why are we so willing to express our discontentment, our regrets, our pain better that we are to say the most beautiful things? Why can we so easily complain about things and not value as easily what is already given to us?

Love and be loved, is there a warmer feeling? Is there a better soul liberator? Is there anything more worth of our time?

Because some day, it may be too late, I today dare say:

I need you

I miss you

I dream of you

I see you

Please see me

Please help me

Do miss me

I forgive you

Just hug me

I love you

Do love me too…

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